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Good Neighbors has loved our neighbors.

History shows Good Neighbors’ past, present and future.
We will continue to make history of hope.

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2008 History Goodneighbors
  • 2008.2ㆍSelected four projects as KOICA’s private sector support
  • 2008.4 ㆍEstablished Good Neighbors Guatemala
    ㆍEstablished Cooperation Office in Geneva
  • 2008.5 ㆍDispatched emergency relief team to Myanmar to help the
    cyclone victims
    ㆍDispatched emergency relief team to Sichuan, China to help
    the earthquake victims
    ㆍConducted ‘Yellow Ribbon’ campaign
  • 2008.6 ㆍSubmitted the Quadrennial Report to UN, Established Good
    Neighbors Philippines
    ㆍVisited Pyongyang (139 people)
    - Ceremony for the completion of the Wow-do Hospital,
    amenities, community centers, kindergartens, and nursing
    homes in Janggyo-ri
    - Provided 9,708 cans of milk powder, 28 tons of flour,
    and 700 cans of soybean oil to kindergartens and nursing
    homes in Janggyo-ri
  • 2008.7 ㆍConducted World Food Crisis campaign, Sent emergency
    supplies(600 tons of corn) to North Korea
    ㆍOn-line education about child abuse prevention by National
    Child Protection Agency
  • 2008.8 ㆍ7th ‘Sponsor Tour’ (Nepal, Ethiopia)
    ㆍSigned an MOU with Yemen
  • 2008.9 ㆍSouthern Hwaseong Community Welfare Center entrusted to
    Good Neighbors
    ㆍHeld ‘2008 Good Neighbors Asian Regional Workshop’
    Began 2nd semester of Hope Sharing School’s after-school
    classes in 2008
    ㆍThe Good Neighbors Cooperation Office in Geneva was
    officially registered to the CAGI
  • 2008.10 ㆍRegistered Good Neighbors India as an corporate body
    Held the 2008 Good Neighbors International Annual
    Conference in Halong Bay, Vietnam
    ㆍHeld ‘2008 Dokdo Peace Camp’ with PAN
    ㆍRenewed the Good Neighbors CI
  • 2008.11 ㆍHeld a ‘2008 Culture of Giving-Enhancing’ forum
    Good Neighbors USA held the 1st Korean-American NPO
    ㆍProvided 11,700 liters of soybean oil and 27.6 tons of flour to
    Nampo orphanage in North Korea through food aid funding
    Established Good Neighbors Malawi
  • 2008.12 ㆍHye-soo, Kim, an actress, was named a Goodwill
    Ambassador for Good Neighbors
    ㆍHeld the 1st Good Neighbors ‘Overseas Volunteers Night’
    Supplied 31 different kinds of medicines to Pyongyang-si
    Secondary Public Hospital
    ㆍHeld a welcoming ceremony for the ‘2009 Hope Tree’
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